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How to Use a Flip Camera

Turning On and Off
When you’re holding the camera facing away from you, on the right hand side at the top there is a small grey switch that you can flick down. Just flick the switch and don’t be surprised when it bounces back. You simply repeat this action to turn the camera off.

When recording a video, aim the lens at your subject and press the big red button in the centre. The camera will start to record. To be sure that you’re recording, the timer should appear in the top left hand corner of the view screen. You can zoom in and out using the plus and minus buttons. To stop recording all you need to do is press the red button again.
To play back the video you just recorded, press the play button to the left of the red button. But if you’ve taken more than one video, to select the clip you want to watch, press the little arrows to the right and left of the red button. This will show each clip you’ve taken. Just stop at the one you want and press play.
To delete any excess clips, all you need to do is press the trashcan button on the right hand side of the red button. The latest clip will come up. If that’s the clip you want to delete then press the trashcan again. If it’s not, press the arrow buttons you used before, to find the clip you want. Once that clip is on the screen, press the trashcan again to delete it.

To upload your clips to a computer, look for a silver switch on the left hand side of the camera. You pull this all the way down, and a USB connector should pop out. When the USB connector is out, plug it into any USB port on your computer (for the less tech savvy, this means there’s a slot on the side or back of your computer where you can connect the camera. The correct slot will have a little diagram depicting a three forked cable. This might take you a while but no fear, you will find it!)

Connecting to T.V.
To connect the flip camera to your T.V. you will need one RCG cable which has white, red and yellow cable connectors on one end, and a single black one on the other.

Plug the black end into the socket underneath the USB connecter that says T.V.

On your T.V. there should be a flap at the front that comes down to reveal coloured sockets. With older T.V. sets there are only two sockets so if that’s the case, plug the red one into the audio socket (it will actually say audio next to it.)

If it’s a normal T.V. just plug the coloured ends into their corresponding sockets.

Changing Batteries
The flip cameras run on AA batteries. When they run out you’re going to have to change them. At the bottom of the camera underneath there’s a little lock and unlock sign on either side of a switch.

Flick the switch to the unlock side and this will allow you to slide the front of the camera off (i.e. the black casing). Then simply remove the batteries and replace them with new ones. Replace the casing and flick the switch back to lock.

Now you know everything there is to know about flip cameras, use it and have fun.


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